Mark Benjamin

Project archivist, report-writer and copy editor, based in the UK.

Mark BenjaminBorn in London in 1952, Mark qualified at a librarian at Aberystwyth, working first for an inner London Borough and then, from 1980, with a rural County Council, based in Hexham. Until leaving in 2009, Mark was responsible for the promotion of the library service and reading throughout the west of the county, with particular responsibility for local studies.

Married, with two children now at university, Mark has edited a quarterly national magazine, The Library Campaigner, and now edits the annual journal of Hexham’s Local History Society, the Hexham Historian, where he has been known to edit an article down from 19,000 words to a more manageable 13,000 – with the author’s, albeit grudging, approval.

In addition to his editing and proofreading work, Mark runs a second-hand bookselling operation, selling primarily online but also at fairs.


  • Document management
  • Archiving and retrieval
  • Report writing